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Tired of paying exorbitant consulting fees for a job half done?
Wish you could budget for this year's computer and network costs?
Want to know how much a computer project is going to cost BEFORE you hire someone to do it?
Want to quit having your company come to a stop waiting on a service person to fix the computer that is down?

BizITForce's fixed-price Managed Services is your answer. BizITForce begins each customer MSP contract with a FREE ITSM standards-based site survey. Within this survey, we learn about how you do business, how you use computers in your business, and where your technology needs are headed. The results of the survey let us prepare an accurate quotation of what it would cost for AME Corp. to be your computer department and, if you have any special large projects, what individual large projects would cost.

Our fixed-price Managed Services are based on and include 24/7 monitoring of all of your computer equipment and services. In addition, we implement weekly meetings with you to mold an IT plan custom fit for your business. Because of the packaged monitoring and helpdesk services that are included, we can keep the price down to a range that is easily affordable by even the smallest businesses.

Most businesses today depend on computer networks to run their business. Given that network failures can lead to a loss of customers and revenue, businesses must find ways to ensure that such failures are minimized or avoided. At the same time, it is increasingly difficult and expensive for businesses to find and retain top IT talent to administer their networks.

BizITForce offers a network monitoring, notification, and reporting service – AME Monitoring. AME Monitoring provides a simple and cost-effective response to these problems, freeing your staff to concentrate on other issues that support your business’s core competencies. AME monitors and administers key elements on the network across multiple platforms, and notifies you in the event of imminent failure or alarm.

Not only does AME provide monitoring of YOUR network, but it can also monitor various service providers such as your web host, email server, etc. And it does this with a simple, web-based configuration.

Because AME uses HTTPS (secure web access) for all communications, firewalls no longer pose a problem. Many network monitoring packages require LAN interconnectivity causing an extensive network of VPN's and complex security and configuration issues. AME keeps your network secure and does not require any VPN. And all communications are PUSH so you won't have to worry about some hacker breaking into the agents.

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